Cuban Queen's Film Premiere & Exhibition

May 19th, 2018
 "Cuban Queens" opened at Joan Shepp boutique in Rittenhouse, Philadelphia with an exclusive fashion sketch class. Cuban Queens is an experimental animation based on subliminal hand drawn portraits based on the diva, the archetype of the flamboyantly and uninhibited female, and the political empowerment she represents.  The installation was inspired by my trip to Havana and the women that I had the pleasure of meeting in this wildly vibrant and creative environment.  

Francisco's Ballgown.jpg

Soiree of the season

A private event collaborating with fashion designer Nancy Volpe Beringer pairing unique and rare fashion pieces with original oil paintings by Liz Goldberg.


Vogueing & Pleasures

May 19, 2016
A one-night celebration of new work by artists Liz Goldberg, Warren Bass and Lowell Boston. Home to Keen's collection of outsider & folk art and objects including Catalin radios, vintage toys, banks and toasters, the gallery hosted a large-scale projection of Goldberg's latest work Vogueing 2016. Produced in collaboration with filmmaker Warren Bass, Vogueing 2016 is an animated film about the fusion of the visual rhythms of fashion, film and dance. A series of Goldberg's sequenced hand-drawn animation frames and associated prints from the film were also on view in the gallery's auxiliary space, along with finished paintings from Goldberg's Cigar Queens of Havana installation.

Women, Fashion, & Art at Joan Shepp

November 30th, 2016
A one night feature of Philadelphia women artists and fashion designers at Joan Shepp boutique in Rittenhouse, Philadelphia. "Vogueing & Other Pleasures" installation and exclusive scarf collaboration with Nancy Volpe Beringer debuted at the store with this event, benefitting Runway of Dreams.

the cigar queens of havana

Friday, March 6
An opening reception featuring The Cigar Queens of Havana at Gallerie Chiz in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Amsterdam Whitney Gallery