In my work, I explore various personal manifestations of female empowerment exhibited in the wardrobe, make-up, mannerism and dance of people in transition. I am fascinated mostly with the diva or divo in Latin cultures but I am also inspired by other theatrical affectations of the feminine such as 17th century (male) wardrobe, puppetry, trans worlds and myriad ramifications of the emerging alter-ego.

Browse the gallery below to see paintings from the Puppets, Diva, and Cuban Queens series, beginning with my most recent work. You can see select Cuban Queens on display at Joan Shepp, where I’m the artist in residence. All of my work is available for sale and shipping. Please contact me for more information.

2016 - present

Cuban queens

The Divas went in a new direction after a 2016 trip to Havana. I was so inspired by the vibrant colors, energy, and people I met that all the work culminates out of hundreds of live sketches made on the streets of Havana. The Cuban Queens were born, and they’ve been the focus of my work ever since. Filmaker Warren Bass and I turned hundreds of original drawings into an animated film. Each painting in my Cuban Queens series is based on the colorful personalities I met in my travels. The film has been shown in 30 international film festivals in 16 countries.

Cuban Queens 1

Cuban Queens 3

Cuban Queens 2

Cuban Queens 4

2007 - 2016

The era of the Diva

I cut the strings of the puppet master and set my Diva era free. The diva —the flamboyantly uninhibited female and the personal and political power she represents. The paintings from the Diva series embody all sorts of contradictory, magical exaggerations of human behavior.

2000 - 2007

Puppets & Absurdist theatre

As a painter I’ve been inspired by puppet–like characters. My inspirations draw from Alfred Jarry’s forerunner of absurdist theater, Ubu-Roi, the buffoons of modernist playwright Michel de Ghelderode, and the symbolist and political figures of European puppet theater. There’s a degree of abstraction in the puppet. I find this to be a freeing force and use it to explore each character, their world and personality.